Repurpose retired fire hose belt

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These retired fire hose belts give great new life to old fire hose. As you can imagine these belts are rugged! Just think of the environment that these are used in. Intense heat and dragged over thousands and thousands of feet over concrete, grass, asphalt over stairs, you name it and these hoses have seen it. 

We start with retired fire hose and cut it into strips, either 1.25 or 1.5 depending on your request. Any size waist is available. We accompany the strips with antique brass and copper accents for buckles and rivets to make it all come together. Each belt is unique in its own right and some will have the writing on it and some will not. Each belt will have 5 holes and the size is measured from the center hole to where the fabric wraps at the buckle. This will give you 2 inches of adjustment on each side of the size of the belt.