Team Southern or the Richards to those close to us. Responsible for designing and creating our products with southern soul right here in Senoia, Georgia. A town no one has heard of, or maybe you have and just don't know it. Have you heard of the AMC series The Walking Dead and Mayberry,  well that is our little town south of Atlanta by about 30 minutes. 

Here we have gathered a very sophisticated network of professionals that design, draw, create and help spread the word of our work. Selling to just about every state in the US, many countries and four continents proves we are up for any project that you have in mind. With great vision and attention to detail our passion for this work shows in each and every product that we produce and also shines in the way we approach each of our clients special needs. 

Whether you are a home owner, developer, architect or an interior designer, Southern Restoration can help with ideas and projects alike to make your space exactly what you dreamed.