Southern Restoration is not your typical furniture shop. What makes our work different is our customization, which leaves the client in complete control. When you see a table at Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn that you like, you are told what size you can purchase. Well we leave that to YOU, YOU find the the table, light, wood, color and material you like and YOU tell us what size, material, design look YOU want. 

Our design approach starts with a photo, idea, napkin drawing or even Pinterest link of something you like, we then come up with the sizing, changes if any and end result you are after. From there you can visualize the end result or we can 3D draw the end result for you. What we give you in the end is a conversation piece / art, not just a table that will have a new home but a piece that will be past down through the family. 


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Tom Richards

Owner / Designer